What are Young Living Essential Oils?

YL Comparison 12 questions

By Jared Turner -  Just 12 reasons why Young Living Essential Oils are superior to ALL other brands of essential oils.


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Dr. Ann Blake Tracy on Antidepressant drugs & Clint Walker on Nutrition

Hossaiha 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, next verse, because you’ve rejected knowledge.

Keep your minds open and try to learn as much as you can.

Revelations Chapter 18 versus 23 – 24

Talking about Babylon – he says

For your merchants were the great men of the earth (or the rich men of the earth) for by your sorcery all nations were deceived in our day and in her was found the blood of profits and saints and all who were slain upon the earth.

If you look up the Greek translation of sorcery, it is pharmacopoeia.

So it is pretty clear that we were given warning to watch out for these things.

We were told that they would call good, evil and evil, good in our day.




Actor Clint Walker, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, & D. Gary Young, N.D.

We welcome you to Training Tape #59 from the 2003 Young Living Annual Convention, a highly informative lecture by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, who will discuss the dangers of mind-altering, so-called “antidepressant” drugs as compared to the more effective properties of essential oils, and then Gary Young will introduce the famous Hollywood actor, Clint Walker, who will share with us the lessons he has learned about good nutrition and proper physical fitness. And now, here is Dr. Ann Blake Tracy.


Dr. Ann Blake Tracy – About My Book

Let me first of all start by mentioning that in my book I dedicated it first of all to my great, great grandfather, who was the mayor of Tombstone during the OK Correl days. I think he is the one who gave me the spunk to do what I am doing. He stood between Johnny Ringo and Wyatt Earp one day and stopped a gun battle, and I feel that’s what I have been doing for the last 14 years when it comes to those who have been damaged by these serotonin antidepressants and the pharmaceutical companies.

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Essential 7 Kit – 101 Ways to Use.

Compiled by Peggy Brackett

The Essential 7 Kit was created by Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) so that anyone could immediately use and appreciate the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. The Kit contains three single oils: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Lemon (Citrus limon) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita), and four oil blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming and Purification.

All single oils may be used as dietary supplements.

All of the oils may by diffused. The diffuser from YLEO is a special air pump that is custom designed to disperse the oils in a micro fiber vapor. This allows the oils to stay suspended in the air to reduce bacteria, fungi and mold. It also freshens the air with natural fragrances, eliminating the need for synthetic, harmful air fresheners. The diffuser disperses the oils without heat, which could render the essential oils less effective.

All of the oils can be applied to the Vita Flex points on the feet, added to bath water mixed with YLEO’s Bath Gel Base, applied topically or used with body and foot massage.

Please carefully read and follow the guidelines for the safe use of young living essential oils included at the end of this handout.

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How to Protect Yourself from Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses


How to Protect Yourself

from Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses

Dr. Hill

We welcome you to Training CD #70 from the 2004 Nashville Semi-Annual Convention, a highly informative lecture by Dr. David Hill on how to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria, and germs by using Young Living Essential Oils and Supplements.

Dr. David Hill - Rule of Thumb!

A long time ago I heard Gary say, “If you are a little bit nervous about something, and if you are trying to clear your head or you have to take an exam, take a little Clarity and put it on your thumb and stick it on the roof of your mouth and suck your thumb for a little bit!”

My wife was looking at me funny as I was sucking my thumb, so I went backstage. I just didn’t know I was going to be sucking my thumb for an extra 15 or 20 minutes–so I have to thank you, Gary!

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A History of Essential Oil Use (as Medicine) Through the Ages

History of Essential Oils Used As Medicine. Research by Jennifer Hansen


From earliest recorded history, essential oils have played an active role in commerce and health care. I have put together, in date order, some research I have found about the use of essential oils and herbs through the ages.

The record is there for anyone to research. From Holy Scripture to secular writings, essential oils are recorded as mankind’s first known medicine. Just because they are no longer main stream does not mean they are worthless, only that we need to spread their value more widely again.

Essential oils are the Missing Link that we need in order to live healthy lives today, as it has been in the past. Please enjoy reading about a history of essential oil use and maybe open your mind to the fact that pharmaceutical drugs are not the only way, and maybe are not always the best choice, for actually preventing and/or healing disease.

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Why Oils Heal and Drugs Don’t

http://healthimpactnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Essential-Oils-and-Pharmaceuticals-Compared-654x1024.jpgWHY OILS HEAL AND DRUGS DON’T

by David Stewart, Ph.D.

If you tell a medical doctor that essential oils can bring about healing with no negative side effects, they won’t believe you.
This is because in medical school students are repeatedly told by their professors that all effective medicines have negative side effects, and if they don’t, then they can’t be effective.

When I was in medical school one professor emphasized this point in a colorful, graphic manner with specially prepared slides.
In each slide specific drugs were depicted as evil looking demons or goblins. As he presented each picture, he explained, “Although ugly and capable of doing harm, these ‘demons’ are also the bearers of some good. So long as the benefits outweigh the risks, we use them,” he summarized. “We have no choice,” he continued, “because if a drug has no dangers, then it can have no benefits.
That’s just the way it is. And that’s why it is essential that only qualified physicians be allowed to prescribe medicines,” he concluded.

Actually, the professor was telling the truth. Within the restricted practice of allopathy (MDs) the only real medicines are physician prescribed pharmaceuticals. Such medicines always do have negative side effects. All of them. No exceptions.
Hence, doctors are trained to accept the bad with the good as the price of effective medicine.

The Danger is in the Drug, Itself

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Dr. Lin speaking about his research with Young Living Essential Oils for killing cancer cells.


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Young Living Oils ARE Beyond Organic – Sad truth about Stonyfield Farm Yoghurt is just one example of what the organic label has become – a wolf in sheeps clothing.


Are Young Living Oils ‘Organic’? Going Beyond Organic

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Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth: My Story, by Hannah Crews

Very nice story, posted on Facebook, about using Young Living Oils

for Pregnancy and Childbirth.  Sorry the photos didn’t print out.  SO many families this year at Convention: never seen so many!  A few
years ago Gary had announced at Convention that the median age there was 58.  This year it looked like it must have been eary 30′s!
We all loved this sign of a healthy and growing Company!         -Nandini

down lavender lane

Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth: My Story

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Oils for Autism

autism - oils for


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LDL “Bad cholesterol” Indicates an Amino Acid Deficiency, 99 Year Old Researcher Says


Health Impact News Editor Comments:

99 year old kummerow_fred

Fred Kummerow is an emeritus professor of comparative biosciences at the University of Illinois, and at 99 years of age, he is still conducting and publishing research. For over 60 years Professor Kummerow has warned about the dangers of trans fats, even suing the FDA for not removing the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status on them years after most other countries had banned them.

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Intermittent Strabismus (left eye)

Guys.. this is a huge deal for me, for Jon and for Tyler.

Tyler has had an intermittent strabismus since she was less than 6 months old. Basically, she occasionally favors one eye and the other (her left) eye drifts outward slightly. This especially happens when she is tired or exhausted.

At 18 months, we had a horrible experience with an ophthalmologist who pretty much told us to wait a few years and then have surgery performed. This was after a two hour wait, seeing 4 different people and the Doctor didn’t even see the issue occur. She talked about surgery like it was no big deal.. but for a parent, that’s a really weighted word. There is the risk of anesthesia, over-correction which would require a second surgery or even blindness.
Sitting around idly waiting to cut into her eyes just didn’t sit well with me.
I’ve read about patching therapy, but I know Tyler wouldn’t keep a patch on and I’m sure she would be miserable if we used drops to blur the vision in her stronger eye.

So here it is.. I decided to start using Frankincense on her. For the past week, I’ve been applying a couple of drops across her brow and below her eyes before a nap or whenever I notice that she isn’t using her eye. I am not even kidding when I say that it is WORKING! I don’t know exactly what about it is causing it, but her brain seems to be getting the message to use both eyes.

Going from waking her up from a nap and her eye drifting WAY to the left to her using both normally within 5 minutes was just not even a thing before I started using Frankincense.
And the best part is that she doesn’t mind the application of it whatsoever. Unlike a patch or blurred vision.. she is totally happy and unbothered.

Yes, she may still need surgery if it is a muscular issue; but until that can truly be determined.. I don’t have to worry that her brain is favoring her left eye to the point where she is losing binocular vision.

This is the real deal. I mean, this is life changing for her and for us and I am just praising God for the gift of healing He has provided through nature.


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Protected: Full doc of Bill including face

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Do you eat Organic? Peaceful Belly Farm Grows It For YOU!

Check out their ad


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Overcoming Herpes Zoster while battling CLL – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

A photo progression of a healing journey.

Seeing is Believing

When given the right tools (proper (from nature) nutrients and the healing grace of God) the body is designed to and so will heal itself.

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The Natural World is AWESOME – TED talk


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