Beating the Flu Without Drugs and Antiobiotics

1. Beating the Flu Without Drugs and Antiobiotics
by Vicki Opfer

The flu struck early this year here in Colorado. A couple of weeks ago, on the news, two schools were being interviewed. The representative of the first one said that t cases a day. Meanwhile, Chris’s girlfriend, Rebecca, came down with it, as did my daughter, Jessica’s boyfriend, Adam.

Usually, when the kids start to become sick, I figure that extra sleep, extra water, and Vitagreen will handle almost anything… I figure that when someone gets sick, they’ve worn themselves out, and their immune system is weak, so sleep helps that. They’re also usually dehydrated, because as they’re racing around, wearing themselves out, they don’t drink enough water and the body becomes toxic because it’s not flushing correctly. And the Vitagreen not only offers a wonderful level of stamina, but also balances blood pH, which, when someone is sick, is almost always too acidic… but I knew that this situation was more serious than that… So when my two children, Chris and Jessica, both started getting sick, we became (as Dr. Daniel Penoel says) Aromatic Warriors.

Vicki Opfer’s Protocol for Protection from the Flu Chris and Jessica used the following:

(1) Exodus Supplement capsules – 3 capsules, once or twice a day.

(2) Longevity Supplement capsules – one every 4 – 5 hours for a couple of days, and then one or two a day for awhile

(3) Super C Tablets 2 – 4 tablets twice a day. (Linus Pauling said that we need 10,000 units of vitamin C a day to maintain health. Most of us are lucky to get a couple of hundred… When we get sick, or have allergy symptoms, we start taking at least 1,000 mg of C twicea day – morning and evening. It’s water soluble so itdoes not get stored in the body, and that’s why wehave to take it about
every 12 hours for it to be effective.

(4) A capsule filled with Thieves with 3 drops of oregano dropped into the capsule before closing it. I might make up a capsule like this for them once or twice a day.
NOTE: Gel capsules are obtainable in most health food stores. A 00 size capsule holds 18-20 drops of oil. HOWEVER! Ifsomeone has never taken an oil internally, they have to start with NO MORE than 3 – 4 drops and work their way up, just to make SURE that
their body tolerates it well. If it heats up in the stomach, drink milk or olive oil, NOT WATER.

(5) Thieves Lozenges – They took these off and on during the day. This will be THE product of the season – please make sure to have several of these on hand this year – they’re amazing. When you start having a sore throat and take one, two, or three of these in
succession, the sore throat simply goes away. If you’re coughing, and use one, the cough stops immediately. They also seem to work for 8 out of 10 headaches, offering relief within a few minutes, in most cases.

No Flue for Jessica, Chris or Vicki

So Jessica, Chris, and I never did catch the flu, even though we had several people who we were spending a lot of time with, who did have it… What a relief!
Who has time to be sick, these days?

The following may also be helpful (remember – use what you have):

RC and Raven – rub on the chest and back, and take deep inhalations.

ImmuPower – rubbed on the spine and feet

Lavender – rubbed on the chest, or in the bath – it’s a natural antihistamine

Frankincense – to support the immune system – rubbed on the feet, spine, or chest

Thieves – rubbed on the feet

Keep Your pH around 7.0 – Anything less is Acid

And please remember that viruses have a thin band of
pH in which they can survive, so if you can change the
pH of your body, even slightly, the virus may just go away.

If you eat a normal American diet which contain meat, bread, pasta, cheese,and sugar, you’re probably quite acidic as these are all acid forming foods. In this case, you would begin to eat vegetables and fruits, and not have anything made with flour, sugar, or dairy products. You could eat salads, vegetables – steamed, fruit salad, and a little light protein now and then like chicken or fish. (You can have a little meat – but consider it a side dish – not the main event of the meal…) Vegetable soup is wonderful.

If you are a vegetarian, just reduce the amounts of grains and dairy foods for a few days.

The Survival Instincts of a Virus
And if you do come down with the flu, I have one other very interesting thing to share with you. Viruses have the ability to communicate with other viruses.
This system is not understood, but it has been observed and noted in college biology books. When someone has a virus, the colony of virus will not readily die off in the body until it has infected another person, to insure the survival of the virus.
So, unfortunately, what I have to tell you is that if you stay home, by yourself, and take really good care of yourself, drinking water, using oils, etc., you may stay sick longer than if you take a trip to the mall…

And if you DO get the flu, by using oils and supplements, you will probably be able to shorten the duration of the illness, which is also a wonderful thing…

And lastly, by all means, drink more water, get more sleep, and take your Vitagreen every day!


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