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Hi! My name is Dan Purser, I’m an M.D. and have written several books on wellness and disease prevention issues – including one on progesterone. I have a big preventive medicine practice in Lindon, Utah (along with the world’s best nurse practitioner – Sandy Knowles, CNP, and the best plastic surgeon in Utah, Kimball Crofts, MD (I also deal with odd healing problems in our office setting). Please refer to my informative book, Progesterone – The Woman’s Ultimate Feel Good Hormone for details and references to all of these questions.

Young Living introduced the new and improved progesterone formula at Young Living’s 2010 International Convention– it’s called Progessence Plus®. Young Living had some of the best minds in medicine help formulate the product. Progessence Plus is a highly micronized ―bio-identical‖ (human) progesterone in a natural Vitamin E base with a set of special essential oils like frankincense, copaiba, and sandalwood that enhance its absorption through the skin and it’s immune and calming benefits. The interest has been phenomenal – especially once women here what all it could be used for. It’s very calming and also smells wonderful. But because of the huge interest we’ve gotten thousands of questions and this is to help answer those.

Here are just some of the questions we’ve received:

Is Progessence Plus safe to take? Yes. It’s that simple. It contains a tiny amount of a biologically identical (to humans) hormone called progesterone that is not only safe but incredibly beneficial to women.

Are natural hormones safe to take? Yes. Very safe to take. The bad rumors are the synthetics.

Why is there a statement about causing cancer on the package?
This is an outdated but required (in California by law) Prop 65 statement that they place on anything brought into the state of California that contains hormones. Youg Living’s old product, Progessence, also has a Prop 65 statement on the tube. It’s because the synthetic medroxyprogesterone acetate (in so many other women’s products) along with the synthetics in various birth control pills all have been shown to cause cancer – human progesterone has not. As a matter of fact — no human hormone has – we were just not designed that way. Does this mean you won’t get cancer now that you use it? No, that can and will still happen – we just hope it reduces your risk. But California government still requires the Prop 65 statement on the bottle.
This is the statement we send out to any distributors who ask about this –

“There is no cancer causing agents in Progessence Plus. This statement is due to an outdated California law that actually refers to the cancer known to be caused by the synthetic medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA as in the drug Provera) which has been shown in a number of studies to cause breast cancer. But MPA is not the human P4 or bio-identical progesterone made from natural yam products that we used in Progessence Plus – the generic chemical names are just similar. But the law is poorly written and mistakenly refers to any hormone as cancer causing when no naturally occurring human hormone has been associated with any cancer ever (not even estradiol – CEE has but no human 17-beta-estradiol). Human progesterone (even the compounded version like in Progessence Plus) actually reduces breast and ovarian cancer risk (and reduces a lot of other risks such as CAD, stroke, DVT, etc). This can all be verified by searching on PubMed. If you live in California please lobby for the change of this law. Thank you for the great question.”

Let me be clear – Progessence Plus and progesterone will not cure you of cancer, nor do I want to give you any idea that it will. Medicolegally I am forced to say if you indeed have cancer please follow the instructions of your allopathic (western) physicians (or physicians of your choosing) and have the proper surgeries or therapies or visit with Dr. Young at his clinic in Ecuador. Faith also can do marvelous things. I’ll pray for all you distributors who have this horrible problem. God bless you all.

I take birth control pills (or shots) and wonder why I can’t take the Progessence Plus?
If or when you develop blood clots or breast cancer from the synthetics we don’t want Progessence Plus to be anywhere near these synthetics so your doctor can’t blame it. Human progesterone reduces your risks of clots, strokes, heart attacks and cools arteries so it prevents these problems.

I’ve had breast cancer and my doctor says not to take any hormones – why?
Because synthetic hormones have been associated with breast cancer the same opinion has stained natural hormones (where the data does not support the connection). This is the same as the Proposition 65 Statement law required in California. You should still talk to your doctor and get their approval.

Does this breast cancer hormone exclusion include Progessence Plus? Probably, if you’re doctor is not trained in preventive medicine, endocrinology or has written a book on modern prevention which also must involve all the great knowledge out there regarding hormones. Otherwise they may say it’s fine (which is what I would say). But listen to them first.

I’ve had progesterone receptor (PR+) positive breast cancer—so I should definitely not take Progessence Plus – right?

Again, please talk to your personal physician first. I would say that’s even more reason to use a natural progesterone product because we know from several good studies that it will connect to that progesterone receptor and cause apoptosis (see my book on Progesterone for more details).

Can I take Progessence Plus while I’m pregnant?
No need take since you usually have high levels of progesterone when pregnant plus we honestly don’t know what the oils will do to unborn fetus — probably help but as corporation we don’t want to take any risks with your baby so please don’t!

I have endometriosis – will Progessence Plus be safe for me to take?
Progessence Plus is not only safe it will probably help your endometriosis maybe even dramatically.

I am young (18) and have severe PMS – is Progessence Plus safe to take? Progessence Plus is not only safe we know from lots of studies that progesterone will probably help your PMS.

I have menstrual migraines — is Progessence Plus safe to take? Progessence Plus is not only safe, we know from lots of studies that progesterone will probably help your migraines maybe even dramatically.

I’ve had a hysterectomy so why would I take Progessence Plus? Lack of progesterone can occur whether your ovaries are there or not – and as a woman you need it no matter what.

I’ve had blood clots from birth control pills – so is Progessence Plus safe to take?
Synthetic progestins are known to cause clots, while human (natural) progesterone has been shown in a number of studies to not cause clots.

I’ve had a stroke/heart attack — so is Progessence Plus safe to take?
Synthetic progestins are known to cause strokes or heart attacks (vascular disease), while human (natural) progesterone has been shown in a number of studies to reduce vascular inflammation and heart attacks/strokes.

I have high blood pressure – so is Progessence Plus safe to take? Natural progesterone has been shown to lower blood pressure in women.

I have insomnia — so is Progessence Plus safe to take? Yes, progesterone has been shown to cause somnolence in women sleepiness) and as……

I have hot flashes/night sweats — so will Progessence Plus help?
Yes, lack of progesterone has been shown to stop these 98% of the time (try Femigen for the rest)

I have no libido — so will Progessence Plus make this worse? No, it should make it better – we know this from lots of studies –so try some but warn your husband first!

The bottle of Progessence Plus is clear — why? Young Living’s product team didn’t give a reason other than to distriguish it from the line of essential oils.

What is the source of Vitamin E that Progessence Plus uses?
Is it wheat germ? Yes, and we only used natural means to get it.

Can Progessence Plus be taken with thyroid medications? Absolutely – they do not cross react.
Can a cancer patient use Progessence Plus? Yes, always. But ask your doctor first of course.

Can a person who has had a breast removed due to cancer use Progessence Plus?
What if they are being treated currently for breast cancer? Always ask your doctors first before adding anything but we of course would say yes.

Is Progessence Plus safe for breast cancer survivors taking tamoxifen? Ask your doctor of course but we believe so.

What are the implications of using Progessence Plus on MS patients?
The implications are really good—and so I suggest taking more. I know from the literature and our experiences that the top teaching hospitals advise all kind of hormones for their patients (like testosterone) and progesterone is thought to be beneficial – it’s just a lot of docs don’t read the literature and let drug companies teach them.
The symptoms for low progesterone seem to be very similar to the symptoms of Lupus. Could this be the hidden cause of Lupus/SLE? Maybe—and it definitely won’t hurt to try Progesterone Plus especially if you have symptoms of low progesterone.

How would you recommend taking this serum?
As needed – but probably daily – rub it on their neck or hairless parts of their forearms.

Can it be used orally? No, but we know some women will – we don’t think it will hurt them (especially if under the tongue), but still don’t do it.

How should menopausal women use this serum? Probably daily – rub it on their neck or hairless parts of their forearms.

What do you mean by no cycling? Is the information given at incorrect? Could we still use the chart to know if we need to give more support to the Pituitary Gland, Thyroid or Adrenal during days 10 though 14? Sure but cycling is an old guy idea when they developed the birth control – the researchers (all male of course) thought it would be more comfortable for the women if they hemorrhaged once a month so they’d feel more natural. Bad idea. Still is.
Also, the website really refers to normal women and none of these are normal women who don’t desperately need this just to make it through the day.

Should a person use it as needed for different symptoms? As needed. Is there a maximum amount a day that they should use? Follow what the bottle says (though I say take as much as you need).

What should a person do if their symptoms really increase, for example hot flashes, nausea, headaches, fibromyalgia? Should they back off or increase the use of Progessence Plus? No, the symptoms are ―fighting back‖ (we don’t know what else to call it but we see it on occasion in our office) – we always advise putting the gas pedal to the floor – take more! You can beat it!

How many milligrams (mg) of progesterone are in a drop of Progessence Plus? Well, Progessence Plus has less than 15 mg per ml of progesterone (about 14.2 or so – just about the max allowed by the FDA) – but the secret is in the quality of the progesterone we used. One milliliter (ml) has about 30 drops total in it and so one drop has about 0.5 mg of progesterone. This is meaningless when compared to the quality issue and absorption properties – there are a LOT of poor quality progesterones out there for oral or sublingual use – Progessence Plus is not one of those. So don’t compare apples to squids – just try it and see – everyone is a little different.

Can Progessence Plus replace my oral or sublingual progesterone completely? Possibly but it’s according to the quality and amount of the progesterone that you’re taking at night. Check with your doctor too before changing over. Progessence Plus is certainly good to take in addition to sublingual or oral progesterone.

What if a person is predisposed to Pituitary Adenoma’s could they still use this product? Absolutely.

Could it possibly exacerbate this problem?

I was so excited to try this Progessence Plus that I put ten drops on at convention (10 drops every hour!) and now I’m dizzy or feel a little wobbly. What’s up with that? Some women are really sensitive to progesterone and if you feel this way be careful and only use Progessence Plus right before bed and only in small amounts to start off with (such as one drop) – keeping in mind that this is not a cure all and that you may have a number of other medical issues or problems to deal with too and all of these affect your physiology (blood pressure, balance, etc) to a certain extent.

Why do I get a headache whenever I use Progessence Plus?
This is a little uncommon but can occur especially if you have a lot of vascular inflammation – it’s kind of a way your blood vessels fight back against the relaxation and reduction in inflammation going on after you apply Progessence Plus. If you have this symptom then only apply small amounts before bed and build up slowly over a matter of months.

My high cholesterol problem went away (or improved) when I used Progessence Plus – my doctor is flummoxed by this – what happened? We know from a number of good studies that in women increasing progesterone often causes a drop in cholesterol levels sometimes returning them back to normal. It’s a cool benefit (literally for your arteries) and is one of the reasons why progesterone has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks in women.

Again – why should we not use Progessence Plus with birth control pills or Depo-Provera?
These synthetic hormones cause vascular inflammation and thus blood clots and stokes/heart attacks – human or natural progesterone does not. So when or if you have these side effects we do not want our wonderful Progessence Plus associated in any way shape or form – that’s all. We’re being protective of our product and don’t want to be coloured with the same brush as the synthetics.

Can men use Progessence Plus for any reason? NO! It causes a decrease in libido and vascular inflammation (mild) in men – so best to be avoided by men.

How is low thyroid related to menopause? And, will the Progressence Plus help with both thyroid and hormonal adjusting?
Low thyroid is not related to menopause. No thyroid though it helps balance estrogen levels (when you have an estrogen dominance problem).

Progessence Plus seems to be working on old whiplash injuries! How could this be? Whiplash can cause pituitary damage (which I shared on my Progesterone DVD) which could cause a decline in FSH which would lower progesterone levels. Also, progesterone aids in demyelination repair. It will do nothing but help!

I get up every morning and apply my Progessence Plus and then I feel dizzy all morning – why? Progesterone lowers blood pressure (by relaxing arteries) – this is why if you’re a beginner on Progessence Plus and have had years of low progesterone you should not use Progessence Plus in the morning (start at night until your body gets used to it again). It also makes some women very sleepy so again another reason to take before bed.

Can Progessence Plus make my hair loss worse?
Definitely not (though I guess anything could) – many studies have shown that progesterone causes women who are deficient (in progesterone) to usually assist in regrowing.their hair.

Is Progessence Plus safe to use with my regular BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)?
Absolutely and may help with your regular BHRT (can’t hurt) but ask your doctor before you do this.

Is Progessence Plus safe to use with synthetic progesterone (sic – progestins)?
Yes but we’d prefer you didn’t because, again, we don’t want Progessence Plus blamed when you or if you have side effects from the synthetics.

Can Progessence Plus replace my oral/sublingual progesterone in my regular BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)?
Possibly – most of the compounded hormones out there, in my experience, are not of a very good quality. But if curious, get your doctor to check levels before and after. Talk to your physician first, too.

Is Progessence Plus safe to take with DHEA or Young Living products containing DHEA?
Sure, why not? These are not mutually exclusive in any way and both are natural hormones produced in your body so they work together – remember though, do not take DHEA if you have a personal breast cancer risk factor.

Will Progessence Plus balance or even out my ―estrogen dominance‖ issue? Progessence Plus should help or may actually do it if it’s not too severe an imbalance.

If I have to high estrogen levels and thus an ―estrogen dominance‖ problem how do I lower my levels of estrogen?
You don’t try to lower estrogen levels in ―estrogen dominance‖ but instead you raise your progesterone level to balance it out. Use Progessence Plus to do this or see your doctor.

Is Progessence Plus safe with any cancer?
Sure, why not? It’s a natural hormone not associated with causation of any cancer (though the lack of progesterone has been associated with a higher risk of a number of cancers). Remember though to talk to your doctor first.

I’m not losing weight on Progessence Plus, why?
Well, there’s not a perfect weight loss idea that’s guaranteed to work 100% of the time – I wish there was but it just ain’t so. Sorry. Studies have shown that women deficient in progesterone do tend to lose weight in general when you start them back on natural progesterone. So no promises but that’s the best we can say. Also, watch what you eat when you use Progessence Plus – avoid carbs and eat more protein because progesterone tends to be a little anabolic (muscle building and fat burning) in women.

Is Progessence Plus safe with prolactinomas and adenomas of the pituitary?
Yes, sure, why not? There’s no connection between the two at all. If a woman makes progesterone in her ovaries and develops a pituitary tumor or brain tumor doctors don’t start ripping out ovaries usually (hopefully never). So it’s safe – but make sure you talk to your doctor first.

I have endometriosis and my doctor wants to do a hysterectomy – in light of this is Progessence Plus safe to take? Yes. They are taking out the uterus probably/usually because with endometriosis you’re bleeding and miserable and they’re just doing the best they can to try to help. I disagree with hysterectomies at this point – I tend to treat with lots of progesterone until symptoms resolve but I’m not your doctor so talk to them first.

I have really high blood pressure that’s difficult to treat – is Progessence Plus safe to take? Progesterone has been shown to lower blood pressure in study after study so yes – it may be and probably will be very helpful to take with high blood pressure.

I have heavy menstrual bleeding, is Progessence Plus safe to take in this situation?
Yes, progesterone has been shown to reduce crazy heavy bleeding – this is why gynecologists use synthetic birth control pills to control this kind of periodic bleeding, so try the natural progesterone instead – safer and equally beneficial results.

I’m 60 years old and still having periods – can I use Progessence Plus? If you have the need or feel like you need it – sure it’s safe and may actually be very beneficial, whether you’re 25, 35 or 75.

My daughter has menstrual migraines, should she try cycling Progessence Plus to see if this assists?
Sure, it may help (probably will).

I have a younger pre-teen (12 years old) daughter with severe PMS and migraines – how should I use Progessence Plus with her?
When she has any signs or symptoms just try a drop on her neck (over her carotids) – you’ll see if it gives her some relief.

My daughter is 11 and complains of stomach aches low down in her abdomen once a month – I think she’s almost ready to start her cycles – can I use Progessence Plus with her? Sure – these are probably early or pre-menarche PMS symptoms – so give her a little to see if she benefits.

I started using Progessence Plus and started breaking out – why? I thought it was supposed to clear up my skin.
Well, usually progesterone does clear up skin and dramatically does this but rarely some women break out with it – in our office practice we advise taking more to see if you can get past all of this and get your skin to clear up – if this does not work just stop the use (better than acne).

My doctor says I have uterine polyps/fibroids/ovarian cysts – can I use Progessence Plus? Uterine polyps/fibroids/ovarian cysts have all been shown to be caused by low levels of progesterone over long periods of time – so it does not hurt to take Progessence Plus now.

Does taking Progessence Plus reduce my own production of progesterone?
No, no no. Never – topical progesterone does not cause a negative feedback loop suppression like birth control pills cause. Just adds to your levels.

How do I know I really need Progessence Plus? You can get levels checked — 99% of women we checked at the World Young Living Convention of 2010 in Salt Lake City effectively had zero levels (<0.20 ng/ml) of progesterone in their blood – no matter what their age. This was appalling. Plus if you have symptoms of low progesterone (hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, loss of libido, depression, etc) you may benefit.

How does Progessence Plus compare to oral or sublingual progesterone my doctor gave me?
This is a common question we’ve gotten – they don’t really or it’s kind of like comparing apples to peanuts – there’s no way other than by the way you feel and following blood levels can you tell for sure. Maybe your progesterone you’re using is not very well micronized or maybe it’s very well micronized and you’re running optimized levels – either way there’s no way of knowing.

Does Progessence Plus help women get pregnant? Anything that increases progesterone levels in pre-menopausal women who have chronically low progesterone levels may benefit attempts to get pregnant. We don’t know for sure but our guess is it might indeed.

Is Progessence Plus safe to take with other medications besides BCPs? Always ask your doctor but we’d say yes. It’s a just a little low dose topical progesterone in Vitamin E (with a few critical essential oils) so we’d say sure – no problem. But ask your doctor.

I developed headaches or migraine headaches right after starting Progessence Plus – why? Well, normally in our office with patients starting sublingual progesterone we occasionally (rarely actually) see some develop new headaches. We believe this to be a result of having low progesterone for years and it seems like the opposite reaction you should get – and it is. We think the blood vessels (arteries) are very reactive and sensitive to any progesterone so they don’t how to react and caught between two worlds (one of rich progesterone levels and one of no progesterone) they spasm a little (or a lot) causing the headache. We usually advise these patients to use more – push their progesterone levels higher. If this happens to you or anyone in your down-line advise the same and/or have them see a doctor experienced in the use of hormones to obtain larger doses of sublingual or oral progesterone (they may also want to be evaluated for some other more serious cause of their headaches – we’d advise it).

I’ve started having periods again (it’s been , some of them heavy, since starting Progessence Plus – why and what should I do?
This may be because of a fibroid or polyp. Try taking a little more but if this does not work see a doctor experienced in hormones ASAP or your Ob-GYN to evaluate this. In our practice when we get this we often do find fibroids or polyps (occasionally tumors) that the lady did not even know they had!


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  2. Rose - October 14, 2010

    I had breast cancer 5 years ago (2005)with a positive receptor to estrogen and progestron. Is it safe for me to take Progessence Plus. I asked my MD and he said, he does not know if it is safe for me since he had not researched this product. I have to be absolutely sure if it is safe for me to take Progessence Plus. Help…..


  3. Rose - November 22, 2010

    I have 90% positive receptor to Estrogen and Progrestron from Breast Cancer – Is it safe for me to take Progessence+. I really need to know this soon. thx. Haven’t received any advice from my last email on Oct.14/10 as yet.

  4. jennifer bhala hansen - November 22, 2010

    Hi Rose,

    Below is how you can contact Dr Dan Purser, the co-creator with Gary Young of this product. He will be happy to help you further. I am not licensed in the health care field. I just have this site to share my experiences and hopefully turn more people onto natural medicine that actually works, and is working for thousands if not millions of people already.

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