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Subject: Distributors share experiences from Dallas Raindrop Training

With many thanks to all Young Living distributors who freely share their knowledge and experience with everyone!



·Training notes from Debra Raybern

·Post-training Raindrop update from Teri Secrest

Hello Everyone,
Around 1000 excited Young Living distributors recently gathered in Dallas to learn the Raindrop Technique from Gary Young. And of course, whenever Gary Young is teaching, he shares whatever new discoveries he has come across. There is great information below on new Raindrop variations, how Gary dissolved his own blood clots, how GLF eliminates gallstones, tips for stress management and a lot more.
This email contains:
Part 1 of the excellent notes that YL distributor Debra Raybern took.
Teri Secrest’s experiences of doing the Raindrop Technique on her husband Randall. Many of you know that earlier in the year Randall experienced a traumatic brain injury from an accident in his art studio. Teri describes the new Auricular Technique designed for brain and nervous system support.

If you’re lamenting the fact that you weren’t able to attend the training, no need to fret! The Raindrop Technique is not difficult to learn and these days there are many ways to learn it.

·The Essential Oils Desk Reference has detailed instructions, complete with full-color photos. Just crack open your book with a friend and experiment! Get the 4th edition on amazon.com for under $40, including shipping.

·Check out Dr. David Stewart’s site for his Raindrop training schedule, DVDs and other support materials: www.raindroptraining.com.

·Go to this YoungLivingWorld link for excellent instructions: http://www.younglivingworld.com/resources/raindrop_main.asp

Plus, the word is out that the Dallas training will be available at some point in the future in DVDs. But you don’t need to wait. Do a search for “RAINDROP” on www.oil-testimonials.com/2094 for 50 reasons to get started now. Honestly, these testimonials are amazing!
Get out your Raindrop Technique Kit and you’re ready to go, or get one on your next order. The kit includes7 Single Oils (5ml bottles): Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypressand Marjoram. Two Oil Blends (5ml bottles): Valor® & Aroma Seiz™ as well as one 8-oz. bottle of Ortho Ease® Aromatherapy Massage Oil and one 8-oz. V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex. It also includes an instructional DVD and mini brochure that teach you how to perform the Raindrop Technique® on others. You can do around 10 sessions with one kit; cost is $115.

Happy oiling and fragrant regards,


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Because there is so much to share, this email is a bit long, so I divided it into two parts.
Dallas RT Training with Gary Young

Part One:

The Dallas Raindrop with Gary Young seminar was amazing. An estimated 1000 people received hands on training in Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, Essential Touch, Golden Touch, Neuro-Auricular and other modalities. More than half of the attendees were NOT trained massage therapists. Many are regular people getting equipped to take responsibility for their family’s health needs. Everything was professionally video taped, and we are told that
there will be a training DVD made from the recordings, though no time frame is yet set. Therewere over 30 hours of filming, and this will take time to edit. Next time this comes around, be sure to attend – you’ll be glad you did.

Here are just some of the highlights from my notes for both the Professional Day Training and the RDT Training:

Professional Day:

Doug Nelson shared how we need to have clarity of purpose, commitment to share and no tension in order to really get the Young Living oils in every home in the world. Doug shared that Gary was delayed in Miami with plane problems, but would be arriving soon. In the mean time, Doug Cloward also shared his marketing vision; that in this day of technology – distance no longer matters. We can share with people all over the world. He hopes we as Young Living distributors will be able to use this technology to spread the word even faster and to the younger generation.

Dr. Thomas Reed then shared as we awaited Gary’s arrival.

He talked about the dangers of fluorideand that even 1 mg of fluoride per liter of water can be toxic. Some teas will contain as much as 7.8 mg per serving due to the water used in processing. The average person (not paying attention to the fluoride in products and water) may consume 8 mg per day. No wonder we have some of our health issues.

Be sure to use theYoung Living toothpastes without fluoride.

Acid reflux meds leech calcium from the bones, making them brittle.
(Hasso’s note: And wipe out your hydrochloric acid and therefore destroy your digestive health!)
Wellness should be a priority issue, not a cost issue.

Gary Young arrives at 4PM. Due to his late arival, the professional day was extended until 10PM. We were refreshed with some light snacks and began listening.

For 175 years science has tried to duplicate natural molecules. The only way to know the difference is with sophisticated laboratory equipment. When you change an essential oils structure, the smell also changes which is why synthetics smell different, usually sweet. Young Livings true medicinally therapeutic grade oils are being used and studied for their effects in treating: ligament damage, cancer, physical trauma, pain relief, disc and bone repair and surgical – pre and post uses.

Gary does not like the term aromatherapy to be associated with our oils, ours are more along the lines of medicine.Thyme and oregano oils help digest toxic substances on receptor sitesthat’s why they are used first in the Raindrop technique.Mt. Savory may be substituted for super sensitive skin.

Many companies add d-limoeneto their oils to extend them. This causes the oil to change and degrade, even if natural d-limoene is used. They will have a sweet smell and over time the scents will change.

(Debra: I have smelled many essential oils, some costing the same as ours and others super cheap. It is easy to tell the difference, especially over time as they take on an almost Pine-Sol smell.)

Monoterpenes in oils are for DNA repair,calming and mood elevating.

Sesquiterpenes work on the pituitary.

Polyphenols clean receptor sites. Gary wants us all to study a little more of the chemistry of the oils so we are prepared to select the correct oils for the intended purpose and know the difference in others of poor quality. He recommends (and so do I) the book – “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple” by David Stewart, Ph.D.  www.ylwisdom

The Young Living laboratory has over $ 2.5 million of test equipment. The only company in North America to have a GC calibrated for essential oils using 50 and 60 meter columns. Other companies have their oils tested using a 30 meter column which can detect chemicals, but not constituents. These are generally reserved for pet food and fertilizer analysis. The Ecuador lab is the most sophisticated in South America. Young Living is dedicated to ensuring we always get the best. Young Living has the largest essential oil molecule library in North America, with over 280,000 references, built over 14 years.

RDT Day:

Gary shared his story of his 2 – six inch long blood clots and how he used helichrysum and cistus to dissolve them. In 48 hours he had no more pain. We saw the before and after scans. He did oral and topical applications Two “OO” capsules of each, every two hours; plus topical application four times daily. Once the pain was gone he continued with two capsules of each three times per day for two months.

(Debra: I see this applying to most of our issues. We will use a protocol until we think the issue is gone, only to have it come back. We need to continue for a while after symptoms are gone to be sure we are really cleared of the health challenge.)

Inadequate protease (Polyzyme . a YL product) causes the body to make trofoblast cells which can lead to cancer, heart disease and obesity.  Take Polyzyme every day, between meals. He spoke about Galactin-3 – produced by the pituitary when we are not managing our stress or are exposed to a bunch of chemicals.  Expect to learn more about this at next convention.

Gary said consuming Melissa, ginger, vetiver, cedarwood, frankincense, ledum and Id. Balsam Fir are great choices.

Cypress is the number 1 oil for the pituitary, apply topically, back of neck.

Use Rutavala and Stress Away daily for stress management.

Rutavala to the brain stem for depression.

Eucalyptus and Ruta may stimulate the re-growth of neurites damaged by mercury toxicity from vaccines, cookware, soda pop and dental work.

GLF only documented product to get rid of gallstones. Does take 1/2 bottle per day until stones pass, which can be in a few days. He says most people won’t give it a chance due to cost.

Essential oils can be eaten up when applied topically by the acid mantle of the skin, so it may take more oils and applications to get the desired results. Oils high in sesquiterpenes penetrate the skin best.

Lemon oil is one of the most adulterated oils. Manufacturers buy synthetic limoene from chemical houses and terpene waste fractions left over from the industrial refining of citrus products. These chemicals are used to dilute or “extend” genuine lemon oil. You do not know if your batch of oil has one of these extenders unless you have the type of test equipment YL has, and the people knowledgeable to read the reports.

Europe has had a longer history of using botanicals. Their standards for gas chromatography are far more precise than that in the U.S. Which is why Gary trained in Turkey and France under Professor Baser and Dr. Casabianca, who wrote the European standard for essential oils analysis. It is Dr. Casabianca who came to Young Living to oversee the calibration of our CG machines. Our machines are calibrated to European standards.

Every batch of oil is tested, not just random samples. Young Living also utilizes the Flora Research lab to independently analyze our oils. Another sample is sent to France for chemical analysis by government-certified analytical chemists. A third sample is tested at Young Living’s lab by analytical chemist Sue Chao. All four results are checked before the oil is bottled for use. If the oil does not meet the YL standard, it is rejected.

The farm in Ecuador is now officially certified as organic. They are distilling Ylang Ylang at the rate of 90ml every two days. They are planting 10,000 cacao trees in December for chocolate to be used in some YL products.

Watch the next Young Living magazine and Gary’s blog for an important article and information exposing false frankincense claims by another essential oil company.  We saw the book in question and the research proving the claims are false.

When giving a Raindrop, if the skin blisters, toxins including candida may be being released. He also see formaldehyde.  Apply myrrh, frankincense and patchouli alternately a few drops at a time every 30 minutes until they subside.  Do not continue with the RDT. Have the person use ICP for a month and take 15 Detoxzyme daily for a while.

When beginning a RDT session, check the person’s back for “hot spots”. The temperature should be even all over. If there is a hot-spot, as you begin the RDT, monitor the heat, if it gets too hot to touch, even if the person receiving the RDT is not feeling it, use Rosemary liberally. It is like pouring water on a fire.

(Debra: the person Gary was demonstrating on, had a hot spot on her lower back. Three people on stage felt the spot and all said it was almost too hot to keep your hand there, though the receiver felt nothing. After the rosemary was rubbed in, the spots quickly dissipated. Later it was discovered the person had been thrown off a horse and injured her back and neck – where the two hot spots were.)

(Debra: I really didn’t know what to expect at this training. Many said it was similar, but updated to the Level 1 and 2 trainings Gary used to teach. He told us that with such good response he would be willing to hold more of these type trainings in the future. All I can say is that I will not miss any of the Young Living conventions or trainings. It was awesome! You shouldn’t either – it is near impossible to share on paper what we saw, touched, felt and experienced. Next time  - be there!!)

Stay tuned next week for Part Two.

Debra Raybern

* * *


Everyone can give a Raindrop

The first thing we learned in Dallas is that the Raindrop Technique was created for all of us to use and experience at home – we do not need to be a trained therapist to apply the Raindrop Technique. This was so empowering to everyone! At my table was a very nice couple who been with Young Living only seven days and they were just thrilled to discover that they could administer Raindrop very effectively, even with their very limited understanding of essential oils .

The second thing we learned is that the oils will do their job in our bodies, regardless of whether or not our technique is perfect. Gary Young shared that he rarely does a Raindrop the same two times in a row. He did encourage us to try to follow the protocol  as closely as possible but added that sometimes, we have to be open to the Spirit leading us to use another or different essential oil.

With this understanding, I arrived home at 2 am on Sunday morning, filled with a new level of excitement about giving  Raindrop treatments to our family. By Sunday evening, I was already giving the first Raindrop to our son, Joseph, age 14. I expected he would be the biggest critic, since it just doesn’t seem cool to “smell like a salad” to his friends! But to my amazement, Joseph loved the treatment, and was in no hurry to get off the table.

Randall was next in line. Many of you know that Randall suffered  a life-threatening traumatic brain injury last August. While his healing has been nothing short of a miracle in every way, there are still areas of his brain that need restoration. This first treatment, I did a traditional Raindrop on him, which he said he enjoyed and noticed he slept very well Sunday night.

New Raindrop Method gets great results

Monday is when it really got exciting. That day, Elizabeth, my daughter, and Joseph asked for traditional Raindrop treatments. After that, I gave Randall a Raindrop treatment using the new technique Gary taught us – auricular healing for the nervous system and brain. This technique calls for applying Frankincense, 3 Wise Men, Valor, Brain Power, RutaVaLa (especially good for emotions) and several other oils to Randall’s neck, and rubbing them in with the glass applicator.

It was late when I finished, so we went right to bed. Right before falling asleep, Randall grabbed my hand and said, “I wish I could always feel this good.” This is an awesome breakthrough for us! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, the patient goes on an emotional roller coaster ride as their brain heals. That’s been so true for Randall, who has been up and down, foggy and confused all in one day. That’s why this week has truly been a special blessing for all of us!

To make  a long story very short, my family has been begging me for Raindrop treatments all week long! It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can make a difference in my family. Thank you Gary and Mary Young for investing your time into us this week. I believe every person who attended this event learned new skills they will use for life. God bless you!

With love and joy to each of you this week,

Teri Secrest


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