Gary Young Conference Call Notes: 1/16/11 – Palo Santo – Ruta Vala Oils

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(I didn’t attempt to keep up with Gary in listing the various innate chemical compounds in the oils he was speaking of. I unfortunately haven’t really learned everything he has taught about the chemistry of the oils, and he speaks very rapidly.  So there is some scientific material missing from my notes, in that respect.  There is an excellent book for those who are interested in essential oils chemistry, available fro Young Living Wisdom.  By David Stewart, it is “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God’s Love Manifest in Molecules”.  Gary’s call was primarily about 2 oils: RutaVala and Palo Santo.  This part is about RutaVala.  The second part will be coming.      -Nandini)

RUTA GRAVEOLENS Also called “Ruda”
Years ago , Ruta was used to prevent mold, fungus and bacterial growth in cheese.  (Now cheese makers use chemicals for this, instead.)
Ruta contains the pinenes, found extensively in Frankincense.  It contains eucalyptol, 1% – 7.5%, powerful for vascular dilation and for lung dilation: very helpful for breathing.

Mal-adaptive stress syndrome is also called ‘stress allergy’ by Gary, because food allergies will begin to manifest because of stress.  He has found tht Ruta Vala can alleviate ‘stress allergies’.

Ruta is heavily laden with the chemical structures dacinone, duo-dacinone and noninones. (spelling?)
These reduce stress levels.  Ruta rubbed on the brain stem at the base of the skull, clockwise 3 or 4 times will start to lower anxiety    levels and cortisol levels.  These high anxiety and cortisol levels can cause the thyroid chemistry levels to be out of balance and even cause pre-diabetic conditions.  However the daconones in Ruta modulate brain function, reduce stress, even lift people out of depression.  Gary has seen more than 1 person who has been on zoloft or other anti-depression drugs for as long as 13 years – after 6 hours of using Ruta, able to go off their medications!

The oil blend RutaVala consists of Ruta, Lavender, and Chamomile.
Compounds in lavender and chamomile add to its ability to lower stress.  These also improve the scent of Ruta, so people now like it!
Previously, sometimes even those who benefitted wouldn’t use it because of the smell of the Ruta.  (I knew someone like that – Nandini)

Restless Legs.  Put RutaVala under the ear lobe, going down to the esophagus, and at the base of the skull, for quick absorption.  This modulates the condition and brings it into balance.

We must think of our children!  Even in grade school there is so much peer pressure, and of course especially in high school. Give them a bottle of RutaVala!

Sleep issues:  Put a drop or 2 or RVala in your hands and rub the hands together 3 times.  Then massage the shoulders of the child before bed, and also the neck along the brain stem.  Especially if there is a history of multiple waking during the night.  This can improve the sleep patterns.  Most people don’t even get into the 4th stage of sleep.  One needs 2-3 hours in the 4th stage.  If you get 2-3 hours in the 4th stage that may be all the sleep you need.  It would be equal to people who get 7-8 hours of non-4th stage of sleep.
Other properties of Ruta Vala:

Contains Alpha Eudesmol (Gary spelled this for us – Nandini)
This stimulates the regeneration of the myelin sheath on nerves, especially in the brain.  Autism, dyslexia, bi-polar syndrome he feels are all caused by immunizations, which cause destruction of the myelin sheath.  He treats bi-polar and it goes away.  He feels
bi-polar is a combination of autistic and manic depression.  Asperger syndrome, depression are also related to these.  (Then something
about where it gets into bi-polar conditions it gets into mineral imbalance.  Something about needing to go into the brain, bring down the
cortisol and inflammatory conditions of the brain and thyroid.  I could not keep up with him – N) Hormones also need to be balanced -need
to use endogize, progessence plus, sclaressence etc.  A bi-polar person is not even close to normal in thyroid or hormone levels.
Reduce stress, sleep well at night, attain clarity and peace of mind.  If one finds that RutaVala causes morning drowsiness,use less.  Each person’s requirements are different; easy to adjust.  Breathe in the RutaVala as well as putting on the locus corillus (base of skull).
When your amount is adjusted you’ll find that by the early morning or afternoon you will experience a much clearer mind. When you notice this, put Clarity, Brain Power Frankincense, even Peppermint on.  This will really enhance your performance!

Candida, hypoclycemia can create a bi-polar condition.  An overgrowth can create a candida growth in the abdoman in which the roots of the candida can grow through the colon and bowel gasses leach into the blood and create brain fatigue.  Loss of memory can be caused by this leaky gut syndrome.

RutaVala can be anti-inflammatory. Can balance the mind, enable peace of mind, better sleep.  It helps people who have degenereative disease sleep better.  Can even use only 1 drop under the tongue for a positive effect.

Part Two.

PALO SANTO  “Holy Branch” Part 2, Gary Young 1/6/2011 Conference Call
By the way, Gary started his call by letting us know that his family has moved back to Utah.  Mary is happy to be back in her own  home, and the boys have started a new school that they like a lot.  Gary will still be traveling, though not much more than before.  Instead of from Ecuador to the US, it will be from the US to Ecuador.  And of course, everywhere else in the world!

Palo Santo’s popular common use in Ecuador: cut into strips of wood, these are burned as insect repellant.  Very good for lice and ticks.

The Palo Santo tree is protected.  It can only be cut on one’s own private property.
If the bark of a standing tree is cut into, as is done with Frankincense and Myrrh in Saudi Arabia, the oil will run out and become resin, but not in the immediate thick way of Frankincense and Myrrh resin.  The oil will run down and pool and dry into resin at the bottom.
Standing dead trees won’t produce oil.  Only when the trees fall over and lie for about 5 years can one get the oil.
Why so important?  The compounds within the oil.
Alpha pinene: an immune stimulant
Limonene is also very high in amount.  And many other compounds.
Red Palo Santo has the highest percentage of limonene.
l-limonene, as found in the citrus oils
d-limonene, found in Palo Santo.
Both the l- and d- forms are natural here, as opposed to one being the natural and one being the artificial form, as these constituents
usually are in other products.   Limonene is anti-tumeral, anti-cancer  (as you may remember about other articles I’ve passed on about lemon
and orange oils    -Nandini)

In Ecuador, Palo Santo is given intravenously for prostate and lung cancers.

It is very good used topically. A very good anti-bacteriacide and also an anti-fungal oil.
Palo Santo has an amazing profile of compounds.  These molecules are so effective synergysticly in killing respiratory viruses. Magical.

Ways to use:
Diffuse.  Sublingual.   Drink: 3 – 4 drops in water.  Use on spine, as in Raindrop.  Use on the chest, rub on edge of nostral, or put on a cotton ball into the ear, for ear infections.

Nasal polyps: After trying many many methods for nasal polyps and having them always eventually return, one person saturated q-tips with Palo Santo and used in his nose for over 6 weeks.  The polyps completely dissolved and never returned.
Palo Santo is excellent as a respiratory support.

Use when flying.  Rub under the nose, inhale, etc.  Massage around the back of the ear and along the eustachian tube when flying.

For children’s congested lungs:   rub on your hand and then over the infected areas.

For eye infections: rub Palo Santo with Myrrh, around the eye.  Keep the eye closed for 2 – 3 minutes until vapors have dissipated.  (Note from Nandini: I’ve found that holding the hands over the open eye, allowing vapors to go into the eye and allowing tearing can be very healing.  Congestion-causing elements go into the head not only through the mouth and nose but also through the eye, and I’ve found it healing to allow them to come out this way as well)

Pink-eye and sty conditions as well.
Strengthening and repairing DNA: Palo Santo mixed with Frankincense.  Tissue Repair: Sandalwood with Frankincense or Idaho Balsam Fir with Frankincense.

Palo Santo is a powerful anti-imflamatory agent.

For tendonitis, arthritis: rub Palo Santo into the area.

Knee Problems: In one case, Gary rubbed Palo Santo into the person’s knees, when he was slated to have knee replacements.  In this one case the person’s cartilage re-grew, leading Gary to suspect it had DNA repair capability.
Others using Palo Santo 1 – 2 times daily had pain go away in 3 – 4 weeks.  Most use it topicall.  Some use it internally.  Unexpectedly some have found it relieves depression.

Ecuador Oregano (many more constituents than Oregano found anywhere else)  now found to be 3 – 4 times more powerful than penicillan.

From Vicki Opfer


The following notes were taken by Diane Ewald and Joy Lindsley.   Thank you for sharing them!
One comment… Gary mentions the 3 oils in RutaVala as being ruta, chamomile, and lavender.   The ingredients of our RutaVala are actually ruta, valerian, and lavender.   It’s possible that when he makes this up at home, he uses chamomile instead of valerian.   That might actually be a good idea, since the aroma of valerian is very strong.   Or it might just have been an oversight on his part.  Either way, I hope that you will take a few minutes and read these notes.  If the call becomes available, I’ll let you know – it was absolutely brilliant!

Gary: As of December 16th, the family moved back home to Utah. The boys are already enrolled in school, and Mary is happy to be home. Gary will be traveling between Utah & Ecuador, but probably not doing much more traveling than he’s been doing.

Congratulations to two new Diamonds in Australia!

On the subject of the oils featured in the specials this month – RutaVaLa Roll-On and Palo Santo:


Ruta Graveolens , which is Ruda in Latin America, became well-known as a food flavoring agent for cheese – because it prevented mold. It’s an
anti-bacterial agent, and prevents fungus growth.

RutaVaLa Essential Oil Blend from Young Living Essential OilsWhy is he excited about RutaVaLa, and why did he create the blend (it contains
chamomile and lavender also)?

It contains:

Alpha Pinene – Frankincense is also high in alpha pinene; it augments the immune system.

Incensol is an Alpha Pinene, which Frankincense contains, may be the added component which works against cancer. Ruta has some but not lots of incensol.

Eucalyptol is in Ruta also. For vascular dilation; improves oxygen in lungs; can be beneficial for chronic respiratory stress.

Stress Allergies – maladaptive stress syndrome – means can’t adapt. He calls them stress allergies because under stress, allergies show up – usually as a food allergy. It compromises digestion. RutaVaLa hels alleviate stress  llergies.

Ruta has an unusual profile; unusual chemistry of structured molecules.

Contains 2-nonanone and 2-dodecanone, 2-nonyl acetate, 2 undecanone. using Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Easy by Dr. David Stewart, nonanones are part of the alkane ketone family and Ginger also has lots of nonanones.
“Ketones come in countless variations. have strong distinctive aromas.
thought to be calming and sedative, helpful as an expectorant or decongestant, can be analgesic, aid in digestion, and may encourage wound

Rub on the brain stem 3, 4, of 5 times, or on base of skull. Rub clockwise 3 or 4 times. It will lower anxiety levels, and cortisol levels. If cortisol
is about 14 (or above) at 6 a.m., the person is in stress. RutaVaLa lowers cortisol.

Ruta’s dodecanones modulate brain function reducing stress and lifts one out of depression.

So much happens with stress! Hypoglycemia, diabetes, ++++.

This product alleviates maladaptive stress; lifts people from depression. He has dealt with people who had been on all of the drugs: Prozak, Zoloft, etc., and they went off the drugs after 6 hours of using RutaVaLa and being on the drugs over 7 years.

Why did he mix with Lavender.because ofr the aldehydes and esters.

Aldehydes are calming and sedative and lower cortisol; Esters are calming and lower cortisol.

Why chamomile? for calming – and to lower & reduce cortisol also.

The mixture brings greater balance. These two oils also improve the fragrance; some people found the fragrance of straight Ruta objectionable.
There is now greater aromatic and harmonic balance.

If you have a problem sleeping, or have restless leg syndrome, use RutaVaLa.
Massage under earlobe, follow the jawline, drop to the left side of the esophagus, then the right side. Just massage with the Roll-on by the jugular vein.

Put in your hands and massage on shoulders. If you sleep erratically, you will sleep 5 – 6 hours without waking. Most people don’t get into the 4th stage of sleep He’s read that people who can get into 4th stage can get the same benefit in 2-3 hours as those who sleep 8 hours.

Alpha eudesmol – a molecular structure that stimulates, repairs, and regenerates the mylar tissue on nerves.

**Note from Diana: Myelin Sheath surrounds the axons in nerves which is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system; they increase the speed of impulses that move along the nervous system. Gary also said Alpha eudesmol regenerates neurites in the brain which is important since neurons in adult brains do not undergo cell division and usually can’t be replaced.

Diagnosis of autism, bi-polar, dyslexia, Asbergers, Tourette’s Syndrome, etc., ALL associated with vaccinations and destruction of neurites in brain.

RutaVaLa is the greatest companion – use consistently. Treats the same for manic depression – it goes away.

When bi-polar, there is also a mineral and hormonal imbalance. Must bring back the alpha-beta wave brain function – reduce stress; look at what has happened. Has it caused thyroid issues? Hormonal imbalance? Use the [Young Living] products that address those issues: Thyromin, Estro, etc. Mineral Essence!

Anyone with Bi-polar. 

A person with low estrogen or progesterone or testosterone – will have mood swings – will be diagnosed as bi-polar. This situation will also affect digestion, and irritable bowel syndrome can result.

Candida can create a Bi-Polar expression.

RutaVaLa may cause you to be drowsy the next day. If that happens, reduce the amount you are using. If you need to perform and are drowsy, use Clarity, Brain Power, or both. Even Peppermint. Brings mental clarity – especially if studying for a test, or have a need to be sharp.

Leaky Gut Syndrome – goes to irritable bowel syndrome. Blood bowel gases are leeching into the brain, and causing fatigue.



He discovered 6 years ago in Ecuador; means Holy Branch / Holy Wood.

Latino people – in Ecuador and Pero – use it as the people in the East use Frankincense. They use it to drive away evil spirits. They burn it as
incense sticks, also use as insect repellent. The natives in the jungles use in their fires – keeps away lice & ticks.

Palo Santo Tree is a protected tree.

When Palo Santo dies & falls to the ground, within 5 years the oil can be extracted from the dead wood. Cannot get oil from live wood.

Contains Ethanol, Alpha Terpineol – anti-bacterial properties

Trans limonene oxide – very high percentages – anti-tumoral, anti-cancerous

Used intravenously 4-5 years for those with lung cancer.

1.8 cineol – anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal (rosemary also contains this

Beta Terpinal – anti-bacterial, anti-viral

Carvone – anti-viral, anti-inflammatory

Trans Carvol – kills respiratory viruses – magical for lung issues

Value? It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Highest in limonene as a single compound. There are red, white, and pink varieties; he distills all
three. The highest percentage of limonene is in the red.

It is also anti-tumoral, anti-cancerous. He used in the clinic intravenously for prostate cancer.

Can use orally or topically. Powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and  anti-fungal. Has an amazing profile of compounds. You can diffuse, put on
tongue sublingually, drink in water, massage on spine and/or chest, put in nostrils, put on cotton & put in ears for ear infection.

He had a patient with nasal polyps. Had him swab with a Q-tip with Palo Santo. He did periodically, not consistently, and even with the erratic
application, after 6 weeks, the polyps disappeared and haven’t returned.

When the weather changes so often, need to protect yourself. Put under nose on an airplane before breathing in all the bacteria.

Palo Santo can be irritating for sensitive folks; however most can use neat.
Test – and if there is redness, blend with V6 – especially with children.

If you have congested lungs, massage the back with 10 drops in V6 oil.

Can rub around the eye. One drop each of Palo Santa and Myrrh, rub around closed eyes. Keep eye closed for 2-3 minutes until fumes are gone. Good for a sty, or pink eye.

For a detached retina, also add frankincense, Idaho Balsam Fir, Sandalwood, for DNA repair if compromised from inflammation. This is not tested yet, but he believes Palo Santo can repair DNA.

Going to conduct a study on Palo Santo for DNA repair.

For arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatism, use Palo Santo.

Palo Santo will reduce inflammation immediately.

A young man in Australia had damaged cartilege in his knees regenerated.

A pulled miniscus went away with Palo Santo.

A dozen people reported it helped with depression. He wouldn’t have thought that would work, but it did.

The oils are 3 to 5 times more powerful than penicillin.

Gary ended the call by acknowledging all the members for making 2010 the best year in Young Living’s history; is very grateful, and wishes everyone a successful 2011.

2010 was a most incredible year – the best year in Young Living history!!

2010 is just a spring board to make 2011 bigger and better – Best wishes for a successful 2011 to each and everyone!

So exciting, because of all of you, and I express my love and gratitude to each and everyone of you!

Mary and I and the Young Living staff thank you for all that you do out in the field. You have beautiful products, the highest quality in the world, the best education on oils.

And we have such high caliber people at Young Living, the very best. It is wonderful to work with them, and to be with them behind the scenes to make it all happen – Doug Nelson…(and named others….. ), I am so proud of the YL group..

I am filled with gratitude for everyone and the wonderful gifts we have to share with the world!


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